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Project Submission

Thank you for your interest in Valeo Films Inc. Although we do have a vast array of production resources available to us, VFI is a relatively small production company who prefers to limit the number of projects that we have production. Consequently we tend to be very selective when it comes to accepting new material.

At this time we are not considering projects that contain the following characteristics:

    * One character saves the world

    * extreme and grotesque violence

    * SFX based

    * high sexual content

    * highly action based

    * strong explicit language

However we are currently willing to consider projects that contain one or more of the following :

    * character or story driven

    * presents the human condition

    * identifies moral values

    * strong visual imagery

    * romance / love story

    * coming of age / learning

    * educational / documentary

    * intellectual drama / mystery

If you feel that we may be interested in your story, and you are willing to sign an
Unsolicited Project Release Letter, then please contact us at:

Valeo Films Inc.

PO Box 773600

Ocala, Florida 34477

We require that you provide us with you name, phone number, address, the title of your work and either a WGA registration number or a Copyright number. After receiving this information, we will send you a "Unsolicited Project Release Letter." You must then sign and return it with a single copy of your screenplay and / or treatment.