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Partial Listing of Past Projects

David Ulloa brought to life a World War II documentary entitled "The Trumpets of War." Shooting began in France during the 50th anniversary visit of the veterans of General George S. Patton’s Task Force Alpha.

Mr. Ulloa is also working on a feature film about a single platoon assigned to Task Force Alpha. The men in this platoon commanded by Lt. Robert Hamsley are now honored war heroes because of their selfless actions while crossing the Brittany peninsula. We are extremely excited about this film's potential.

"10,000 Feet" is a documentary about the fascinating, dangerous, and often overlooked process of drilling a natural gas well and the people that make it look so easy.

Natural gas is fast becoming one of the most widely used clean burning fuels, but where does it come from, how do we get it, and who are the roughnecks that risk their lives so that we can have it? 10,000 Feet answers those questions by telling the story of the people and their machines that safely drill deep into the earth to bring this natural resource into our lives.

"Positive Parenting After Divorce" is a video tape designed to help divorcing parents in raising their children. Hosted by Ellen Lancaster, you will meet real people who have made successful transitions from spouses to partners while raising their children.

This video also helps to open the lines of communication for parents, lawyers, mediators, counselors and family practitioners, by discussing the common denominators found in people who work well together after divorce in the interest of their children.

Ellen H. Lancaster has practiced law in Texas since 1983. A mediator for the last four years, she teaches Alternative Dispute Resolution and 40-hour seminars in basic mediation at the University of Houston/Clear Lake. She is a member of the executive committee of the Center for Conflict Analysis and Management at the University of Houston and is president of the Galveston County Mediator Association.

Dino's educational program is called "Dino's B.E.S.T. System" (Balanced Equine Stretching Techniques) and is endorsed highly by Pat and Linda Parelli. This video, titled "Level 1 - Basic Stretching," begins with Pat introducing the concept of massage and stretching for horses; he then introduces Dino.

Dino goes on by systematically teaching and demonstrating his techniques for stretching all of the major muscle groups on your horse. His methods and techniques are well illustrated, simple to learn, and most importantly, easy to perform. His emphasis throughout the one hour program is safety for both human and horse by using proper technique. This video is good for anyone who loves their horse and wants to give him something special in return. It is a must-have for ALL equine professionals -- competitors and practitioners alike.   For more info go to:

"Horsemanship can be obtained naturally through psychology, communication, and understanding, versus mechanics, fear and intimidation."- Pat Parelli

Corporate and internal videos for Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship.

Promotional video for Genuine 007, a World Champion Palomino Stallion owned by TRC Ranch LTD.

Hosted by Spencer LaFlure – Equine Dentist

This video introduces the viewer to the topic of Natural Equine Orthodontics.    Hosted by Spencer LaFlure, you will understand how motion in the jaw affects your horse.   Runtime 60 min. 

“Equine dentistry is about motion....  If the lower jaw has freedom of movement; forward, backward, left and right, then the horse’s head will have balance and the horse will have freedom of motion as well.” 

  1. -Spencer LaFlure.   

For info on equine dentistry go to his site at:

Part 2 - Cantering the Gaited Horse

Have you ever, as Pat Parelli says, "tipped your horse up into a lope" only to find all manner of bone-jarring, cross-firing, four-beating, pace-galloping footfall confusion? In this follow-on to Gaited Horses, Naturally! (2 DVDs and a book), David delves more deeply into the problems associated with cantering.

Here you will find detailed instruction on helping a horse find a clean, consistent, three-beat canter even though it doesn't come easily to him. Included are detailed, slow-motion examples of all the variations, so you can once and for all learn to identify what those legs are doing!

The principles of the Parelli Program - On Line, Liberty, Freestyle and Finesse - provide the basis for the techniques that David uses, and there are plenty of examples of horses who have successfully learned to canter with this approach.  To purchase a copy or for more information go to:

Running Time: 1:45

Participating in the principal underwater shooting on the WWII Underwater Series.   Most recently, dives on the USS Clark and U-352.

Over the years there have been but a mere handful of films that touched on the onslaught the U-boats launched against our shores. We (and who better than divers) want to not only tell a great discovery adventure story, but also graphically present the evidence that proves how close to our shores these historic series of events occurred.

The hi-definition images that we are capturing will reveal all in a Kralyevich Productions, Inc. (KPI) and Seeker Digital Productions (SDP) WWII Underwater co-production.

Promotional and sales video for cedar product distribution and sales company.

"Gaited Horses Naturally"  - David Lichman Enterprises, Inc.

Natural Equine Orthodontics:  What's The Point?

"H & R Cedar - The Leader in Cedar"

Parelli Natural Horse•Man•Ship

"Dino's B.E.S.T. System - Level 1:  Balanced Equine Stretching Techniques

"Positive Parenting After Divorce"  HOSTED BY ELLEN H. LANCASTER

"10,000 Feet"

"The Trumpets Of War"

In 2007, I signed on as a dive team member and underwater cameraman on two projects: Dan Crowell's "WWII Underwater" and KPI's "Quest for Sunken Warships," a four-part special series for the Military Channel. "Quest", originally titled "Sea Battles", takes viewers through some of the most awe-inspiring wrecks in the world while telling the stories of what sent these ships to the bottom. Our focus is to shed light on some of the most fascinating conflicts fought on the oceans’ battlefields.

USS Murphy - (WWII Destroyer)

Operation Hailstone (Truk Lagoon)

USS Oriskany - (US Aircraft Carrier)

Torpedo Alley (US Eastern Seaboard)

For more information on the “Quest For Sunken Warships,” show times or to see a trailer for the series, go to .

On May 27th, Valeo Films broadcast an Internet first: never-before-seen live webcast of a ship being scuttled offshore.  The retired USNV Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg was sunk on May 27th seven miles off the coast of Key West, FL for the purpose of establishing an artificial reef.   The website is the porthole by which to view the live video of the sinking and short subject documentaries about the ship and what it took to make the world’s second largest artificial reef. 

For more information, go to our press release at:

Cross Creek specializes in the production of high quality professional grade sifting screens for use in the archaeological and forensic sciences. These screens are handcrafted by William Morgan, a ten year veteran of cultural resource management and cofounder of Cross Creek Archaeological Supply. Over the past decade Mr. Morgan has tested and perfected his screen designs with the aid and input of hundreds of academic and professional field researchers.  VFI produced this demo/promotional video for the Cross Creek Shaker.

For more information about the Cross Creek Archaeological Supply go to:

David Ulloa named as Advanced Diver Magazine Video Chief of Staff
David Ulloa named as Advanced Diver Magazine Video Chief of Staff
David Ulloa named as Advanced Diver Magazine Video Chief of Staff
David Ulloa named as Advanced Diver Magazine Video Chief of Staff

Pat working with a very young foal.   Can you imagine starting a relationship with a foal that is so natural he accepts you as part of his family?  His first impressions of you are based on how you approach him, touch him, teach him, and are also influenced by what the mare thinks of you.  Pat Parelli lets you into a very intimate experience where you can watch how he begins such a relationship with a newborn foal named Frontier.

Leon Harrel and Pat Parelli.  What? A cutting horse legend playing games with a horse?  Exactly!!  Leon Harrel, a who’s who of the cutting horse world, has partnered with internationally renowned Natural Horseman Pat Parelli in the dynamic, action-packed video.

In using horse psychology and the Parelli Seven Games to develop horses mentally, emotionally and physically, Pat and Leon discovered that the performance of these cow-working horses improves dramatically. 

A Natural Beginning

The Future of Training - with Leon Harrel

Instructional and product demonstration video for the Octassager.   Produced by VFI for Dino Fretterd.

Using the Octassager Instructional DVD

David Ulloa named as Advanced Diver Magazine Video Chief of Staff
David Ulloa named as Advanced Diver Magazine Video Chief of Staff
David Ulloa named as Advanced Diver Magazine Video Chief of Staff

TRC Ranch - Genuine 007

David Ulloa named as Advanced Diver Magazine Video Chief of Staff

Three hour instructional DVD that serves as a compliment to the book by giving visual support to the concepts  of Dressage Naturally.  For more information visit Karen’s website at:

Dressage Naturally

David Ulloa named as Advanced Diver Magazine Video Chief of Staff
David Ulloa named as Advanced Diver Magazine Video Chief of Staff

Educational multi-chapter DVD Hosted by Spencer LaFlure – Equine Dentist

Equine Oral Biomechanic Spencer LaFlure shares his wisdom and insight on Natural Balance Dentistry as it fits the horse.  Topics Include:

  1. -How Natural Balance Dentistry Relates to Performance

  2. -Teeth and Skeleton

  3. -Dental Exam

  4. -Doing the Work

  5. -Teeth Abnormalities

  6. -What is Natural Balance (to the horseman)

For info on equine dentistry go to his site at:

A Horseman's Guide to Natural Balance Dentistry

Educational DVD available to Equine Touch students only.  This DVD takes the novice through the entire stages of Level 1:  Introduction to the Horse, the Placing of the ‘ET Mark’, Safety Procedures, Basic Body Balancing, as well as the areas of concern from the forequarter to the TMJ.  With superimposed close-ups of Jock’s hands and body positioning this is the ideal home learning and clinic support for all students no matter what level.   For more information visit

The Equine Touch - Level 1

David Ulloa named as Advanced Diver Magazine Video Chief of Staff

Educational DVD available to Equine Touch students only.  For the first time this DVD takes the advanced  student through the entire stages of Level 2:  The reasons for and correct performance of advanced body balancing, as well as the advanced areas of areas of concern used to address the head, neck, shoulders, abdominal as well as pelvic and sacrum. With superimposed close-ups and overlays this is the ideal support for all students level 2 upwards.For more information visit

The Equine Touch - Level 2

In this DVD Jock demonstrates all the moves, hand positions and body breath flow as he balances an entire body at the ETF headquarters in San Marcos, Texas.  This DVD is available to the general public and an instruction manual is at present being prepared for future release.   For more information visit

Vibromuscular Harmonization Technique©

Educational DVD available to the general public, this DVD of Ivana performing the Canine Touch©  has long been eagerly awaited by dog lovers and ET students who have found her unique Canine Technique.  The reasons for and correct performance of the unique moves, as well as how, where, and when to use them.  A beautiful DVD, filmed in Texas, the Canine Touch is the ultimate gift for your dog, no matter what the age or the condition.  At present a book length manual is being prepared for later release later this year.  For more information visit

The Canine Touch

The first in a series of articles from David Ulloa about shooting video while on a technical dive premiers in Issue 32 of Advanced Diver Magazine. 

As the Video Chief of Staff for the international magazine David Ulloa’s column address the pitfalls and issues that many divers face while shooting video on a technical dive.  Mr. Ulloa further gives readers insight on how to overcome those hazards. 

This issue will be mailed on November 15th.  For your copy, go to

Davidson Engineering Video Survey

Cursory survey of a sinkhole in south Florida for cultural and land development purposes.  Davidson Engineering is a full service Civil Engineering Design and Planning firm, providing expertise in the areas of Land Development, Civil Engineering, Land Use Planning and Environmental Consulting.

For more information about Davidson Engineering go to:

RBW and Advanced Diver Magazine have recognized that with changing web technology and acceptance of video feed through the net becoming quicker and additionally popular that we must expand to better reach and serve our ever-increasing dive community.

Advanced Diver Magazine and are proud to announce our new ADM/RBW video Chief of Staff, David Ulloa - President of Valeo Films Inc.

Moreover, Undersea Expeditionary Video Services, a division of Valeo Films Inc. will be participating with ADM/RBW in many of our up-coming expeditions and events.

David will also have a regular video column inside each issue of Advanced Diver Magazine and a presence on Rebreatherworld. ADM/RBW websites video departments are currently in the progress of redesign with our hopes to better host and serve the public viewer.

David Ulloa named as Advanced Diver Magazine Video Chief of Staff

For KPI.  MysteryQuest is a new series that dispatches teams of experts throughout the world to try to solve some of mankind's strangest and most persistent mysteries. Top experts in their fields launch expeditions to gather evidence in mysteries like the Bermuda Triangle, the Zodiac serial killer, and Atlantis. A science team then conducts a forensic examination of the evidence using the latest technologies. Each episode presents a thorough step-by-step investigation of the mystery and by the end the teams reveal results that in some cases just may re-write history.

Valeo Films Inc. was contracted to shoot aerial and underwater sequences for two of the episodes to date  - The Devil’s Triangle and Lost City of Atlantis.

For more information about the show we were involved in go to:

Aimee Brimhall is a shining star in the world of horse physiology and understanding.  She specializes in horse/human relationship with an emphasis on equine development.   We are in development of a DVD for her.   Her new web site will explain it all and the video will inspire all.

More information coming soon!

MDA Federal Inc. is the U.S. geospatial services unit of MDA which specializes in the development and application of remote sensing and geographic information technologies (GIS).   MDA is a world leader in the utilization of remote sensing data from aircraft and satellites and is the largest commercial provider of enhanced satellite imagery.  MDA has performed over 350 studies in the fields of forestry, land use, environmental analysis, change detection, GIS, military applications, mineral exploration and agriculture. MDA provides weather and agricultural information to more than 200,000 customers every day. 

MDA Information Systems

The final missions of the space shuttle era is upon us.  The ABC affiliate in central Florida has contracted VFI to document important elements of these historic last flights in High Definition 3D.

2010 The FInal Missions - WFTV 9

The mission of Team Shark Whisperer is to race in Formula H2O with the ultimate goal of helping sharks by raising awareness to their plight and informing the public about the organizations that work to conserve, study and protect the sharks in our oceans.  The Wreck Racing League or WRL is the sanctioning body for Formula H20 Racing. Formula H2O racing is the action packed sport which combines underwater scooters and scuba diving racing on artificial reefs.

For more information, visit our racing site at:

Racing To Help Sharks

DealersCircle is the most up to date method of connecting product manufacturers, dealers and repair facilities with their customers through warranty management, software, sales tracking and more! They do this by providing a simple browser-based business platform that can be implemented into any existing manufacturing business to streamline communications with dealers and distributors.

Dealers Circle

Equine Hanna Somatics® (or EHS) is a natural method of mind-body integration for performance enhancement, pain relief, longevity and an increased sense of well-being (for both horse and human) based on your horse's natural movements and thought patterns.

EHS is an adaptation of Hanna Somatics®, a proven, natural and safe method of pain relief and sensory motor training for humans, adapted for horses. Like humans, horses experience stress and develop chronically contracted muscles. Chronically contracted muscles often create discomfort and restrict movement. EHS is a hands-on procedure for teaching horses, along with their riders and handlers, about voluntary and conscious control of their neuromuscular systems. 

Equine Hanna Somatics

He helped dash the Clovis-First paradigm, holding that the first humans arrived in the Americas about 12,000 years ago, when he unearthed evidence of human habitation dating back 16,000 years at the Meadowcroft Rockshelter near Pittsburgh. His research championed the role of prehistoric women as central to the development of language and social life. Now, pioneering archaeologist James Adovasio of Mercyhurst University is on the threshold of unlocking yet another of archaeology's mysteries.

Mercyhurst University's own Adovasio and C. Andrew Hemmings, one of the leading Paleoindian underwater archaeologists in North America, will lead a team of scientists on a NOAA-funded signature expedition for submerged evidence of early Americans in the Gulf of Mexico off the Florida coast.

Exploring the Submerged New World - Documentary for Mercyhurst University