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VFI is offering partnership interests in limited partnerships formed to engage in the business of motion picture production and financing. Each project is being pursued under its own limited partnership (LP). The partnership interests will not be registered under the Securities and Exchange Act of 1933 or any local securities law and are described in each project’s prospectus for investment purposes only, and not with a view to resale or distribution.

Each LP is made up of a general partner (Valeo FIlms Inc.) and various limited partners who have purchased limited partnership units to help finance, produce and cause the distribution of the motion picture described in each LP’s prospectus.  Each investor’s liability is limited to the extent of their capital contributions (i.e. their investment.) The investors are further limited in that they have no say in the business of the partnership.  The general partner maintains total control over all business activities and full artistic control over the development, financing and production of the motion picture described in the prospectus.

Investment Opportunities

Investors get involved in film projects for a number of different reasons, the top four being:  potential return on investment; a strong belief in a project and/or its producers; a desire to contribute to a cause, such as conservation of the world’s oceans; and/or desire to experience first-hand the film making process, from pre-production to observing filming on location to VIP attendance at premiers and film festivals.

Why Invest In Our Projects

Investing in a film or video project involves a high degree of risk.  It is essential that only those who are financially secure and possess sufficient wealth to sustain a total loss of their investment consider financial participation in film or video production ventures.

Participation as an investor with VFI is being offered pursuant to an exemption from registration with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.   The Commission does not pass upon the merits of any such investment, nor does it pass upon the accuracy or completeness of any offering circular or other selling literature.


For investment information, contact
Dee McHenry
VP / Investor Relations and New Business Development.   /  w 352-240-3729   /  c 757-870-4517

If you are interested in investing in a VFI project, or want to know more about the exciting  opportunities as a financial partner with us, please contact  Dee McHenry, Director of Investor Relations, for detailed information and executive summaries of our current and future productions.

Investment Structure



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Texas S Corp - August 4, 1994

David Ulloa

VP / Investor relations & New Business Development 
Dee McHenry

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