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Dee McHenry joined VFI in 2008 as head of Investor Relations and New Business Development and in 2010, she was named Vice President of the company.

Dee grew up in central Florida and the tidewater area of Virginia where she came to love the natural environment while fishing, exploring and sailing with her parents and brothers.  Bitten by the adventure bug, Dee took seven years to graduate from college, taking time off between studies to pursue interests as varied as living in Paris for a year to learn French and travel Europe to sample the foods and culture; working for Club Med as a sailing and water ski instructor in Cancun, Mexico and as the travel office coordinator in Moorea, Tahiti; and consulting as a computer programmer for a private tax accounting firm. Graduating from W&M in 1983 with a business degree, Dee moved to Washington, D.C. for three years to work as a commercial lending officer at American Security Bank before returning to Williamsburg, VA to get married, have a family and pursue a career in residential real estate. In 1998, faced with raising a super-charged academically and athletically involved daughter as a newly-single parent, Dee established a private consulting business, formally incorporating in 2004 as Estates Assistants, Inc.  Her work with private high net worth clients has taken her all over the world.  In 2007, having seen her daughter off to college at Dartmouth in New Hampshire, Dee turned her focus toward a lifelong dream: bringing her business and adventure-minded interests to bear on an outdoors-based life.

Years of fishing the coastal and inland waters of Florida, fly fishing the American West and New Zealand, and sailing on the Chesapeake Bay left an indelible impression on Dee, and ultimately fueled her interest in marine conservation. She began diving in 1979 while working for Club Med, becoming perhaps the first American woman to dive the caves of the Yucatan. She subsequently dove extensively in the Mexican Caribbean and the Tahitian Society Islands, including the walls of Cozumel and the sleeping sharks of Isla Mujeres. In 2007, looking to push her personal outdoor adventure envelope, Dee began advanced technical dive training. She has assisted UEV in several advertising, documentary and proposed television projects to date.

What you should know...
Name: Dee McHenry
Occupation: Producer, Business Management Consultant & Diver
Born: Los Angeles, CA
Favorite Vacations:  Diving, Hiking & Fishing
Favorite book: The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell 
Favorite movie: The Terminator, Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V
Hobbies: Poetry, Photography, Cooking, Diving, Running & Traveling
Favorite Quote: One can never consent to creep when one feels the compulsion to soar.'  Helen Keller

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Production Credits

  1. BulletExploring the Submerged New World - 2013 Documentary - Producer, Writer, Diver for Mercyhurst University

  2. BulletTouched by a Shark - 2012 Documentary for Rette den Hai - Producer, Writer.

  3. BulletSeeing the Light - 2011 Greenforce Lights Product Promotional video - Producer Writer - For Kaplan Scuba.

  4. BulletHollis Gear : No Limits - 2011 Hollis Gear Product Promotional Video - Unit Coordinator, .

  5. BulletAqualise - 2010 Animated Logo - Producer

  6. BulletWhat is HoozOn - 2009 Corporate Explainer video - Producer, Writer for HoozOn, LLC

  7. BulletMystery Quest Episode 5 “The Lost City of Atlantis” - 2009 Documentary Series U/W Director Of Photography, Production Assistant for KPI and History Channel.

  8. BulletMystery Quest Episode 2 “The Devils Triangle” - 2009 Documentary Series U/W Production Support, Safety Diver for KPI and History Channel.

  9. BulletWhat is HoozOn - 2009 Corporate Explainer video - Producer, Writer for HoozOn, LLC

  10. BulletSink the Vandenberg - 2008 Live Webcast - Producer, WiFi Technology Coordinator.