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David first met and dived with Amanda on a tiger shark expedition to the Bahamas in 2008.   Although Amanda’s award winning body of work is very impressive, it was her ability to dive with sharks and capture their  elegance, beauty and power that immediately impressed David. 

Amanda began her love for photography over 20 years ago and is rarely seen without a camera in her hands.  Born and raised in Los Angeles, California; she received her Bachelor of Arts in Professional Photography while attending Brooks Institute of Photography with a focus on advertising photography.

Amanda's concern for the environment and passion for the underwater world quickly merged with her photography.  Her desire to help the general public embrace the Earth's beauty manifests itself with every image she produces.  Amanda hopes that bringing awareness of the world surrounding us will inspire individuals to get involved and actively support the conservation and preservation of these fragile resources.  More information about Amanda can be obtained through her A Cotton Photo website or A Cotton Thought blog.


In an effort to meet the demands of all the projects on which we work, we contract with a variety of experienced and professional crew.   All are leaders in their respective fields and continually demonstrate exceptional work skills.

  Amanda Cotton  -  Still Photographer

  Suzy Quasnichka  -  Producer  /  Videographer

  Will Allen  -  Producer  /  Photographer

David begin diving and shooting with Dan in 2006 on the USS Monitor expedition and then again on all four episodes of the Discovery Channel special series “Quest For Sunken Warships,” which Dan co-produced in association with KPI.

An award-winning film-maker, videographer and technical dive instructor, Dan Crowell has been involved with countless expeditions to explore many of the offshore shipwrecks in the deeper waters of the lower North Atlantic and around the world.   In addition to his dive and videography skills, Dan also holds a U.S. Coast Guard Master's license, and has operated charter, tug and crew boats for many years.


  Dan Crowell  -  Producer  /  Videographer

David and Joel began diving and working together in 2006 on Joel’s expedition dives to the USS Monitor.   Joel and David are currently exploring several new business ventures together and continue to dive together on deep water expeditions.

Joel D. Silverstein holds an enviable record of technical diving, diver training, and international publishing experience. His SUB AQUA magazine was one of the main voices in the wreck and technical diving industry from 1991- 1996. His relationships with the leading people in the mixed gas diving world has permitted him to learn and develop safe training techniques and procedures, and his journalistic and training skills permit him to communicate complex subjects to the diver in compelling and expert ways.

Since 1988 he has completed over 4,800 dives of which over 3,000 have been exploring shipwrecks all over the world. Most notable of the sites are, the USS Monitor, USS Wilkes Barre, USS San Diego, SS Oregon, RMS Rhone, the Andrea Doria, and the SS Republic. Results of these expeditions have been the fodder for over 50 articles and over 20 presentations.

He is a recipient of the SSI Platinum Pro 5000 Award, the Beneath the Sea Outstanding Service Award, the Eastern Dive Boat Association Outstanding Service Award, and the 1996 NAUI Outstanding Service Award, and is listed in the Who's Who of Diving. Joel is also a Fellow National of the Prestigious Explorers Club. For more information on Joel or to contact him, go to his web site at:


  Joel Silverstein - Dive Coordinator / Senior Consultant

Michael C. Krivor serves as a Project Manager and Principal Investigator with the SEARCH Maritime Division. In1990, Mr. Krivor received his B.A. degree in Aquatic Archaeology from Humboldt State University in Arcata, California and in 1998 he received his M.A. from the Program in Maritime History and Nautical Archaeology at East Carolina University.

His academic research focused on shipwreck investigations along the east coast of the United States, Bermuda, and the Dominican Republic, and his thesis centered on the investigation of an 18th century British Transport that foundered off Bermuda during the American Revolution. In 1996, Mr. Krivor began professional work as a maritime archaeologist, and has served on over 130 SCRM projects, authored over 73 reports, and presented 20 professional papers. Proficient in all aspects of underwater archaeology,

Mr. Krivor’s specialties include 18th-19th century New World ship construction, Western River steamboat construction, Civil War wreck sites, and small vernacular craft construction. He also has years of experience in remote sensing survey, data analysis, and archaeological site layout, scaled mapping, and measured sketching and photography. Mr. Krivor is on the Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA) and has been certified by the US Army Corps of Engineers, Dive Safety Program.


  Michael Cameron Krivor, M.A., RPA - Investigator / Archaeologist

  Billy Morgan - Archeological Assistant / Production Assistant


Valeo Films Inc.

Texas S Corp - August 4, 1994

David Ulloa

VP / Investor relations & New Business Development 
Dee McHenry

Film and video production services for internet presentations, network television broadcasts, and motion pictures.

We would rather attempt something great and fail, than attempt nothing and succeed.


Crew and Associates

  David Warshauer   -  Cinematographer / Underwater Videographer

  Samantha Witcraft  -  Marine Biologist / Lead Conservation Consultant

Samantha Whitcraft’s academic career began in Scotland where she earned her Masters Ordinarius in Literature and Arts from St. Andrews University. Whitcraft then returned to the U.S. where she completed her Bachelor's degree in Natural Sciences at Harvard University while interning at the New England Aquarium and then at the National Wildlife Refuge at Midway Atoll. During her studies at Harvard, she completed an independent research project on the management of sea turtle nesting beaches along the west coast of Costa Rica; and upon graduation worked as a sea bird field biologist for the State of Hawaii and radio/satellite tracked endangered Hawksbill sea turtles with Hawaii Wildlife Fund.

Through 2003, she managed the marine protected area of the Kaho'olawe Island Reserve for Hawai'i's Department of Land and Natural Resources and worked closely with the University of Hawai'i's Marine Option Program, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology’s Coral Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program (CRAMP), the National Marine Fisheries Service Monk Seal Program, the HI National Humpback Whale Sanctuary, and the U.S. Navy. Samantha returned to the mainland in 2004 to complete her Master's of Marine Affairs and Policy at the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science where, as part of her thesis co-founded the Florida Atlantic Coast Telemetry (FACT) Collaborative.

Whitcraft is now a Senior Research Associate at the University of Miami’s Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Science working on applying ecosystem-scale connectivity science to establishing functional networks of marine protected areas in the Caribbean and along the Mesoamerican reef. Samantha also volunteers with multiple grass-roots organization including Earthrace Conservation Organization and Shark Savers.  For more information about Samantha visit her website at:


Matthew D. Potenski - Marine Biologist / Underwater Photographer

Matthew is a marine biologist specializing in the study of ecology and behavior of sharks and rays.  He has spent the last ten years conducting field studies in locations including the Bahamas, Costa Rica, the Florida Keys, the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador), Grand Cayman, Honduras, and Tanzania.  He has worked for the Bimini Biological Field Station – Sharklab, The Guy Harvey Research Institute, and the Shark Research Institute.  He has worked with over 50 species of sharks and rays, but has focused on the lemon shark, southern stingray, and the whale shark.  He is currently pursuing his PhD research on whale shark ecology and movements in Mafia Island, Tanzania.

Matthew has also pursued his passion for photography and intertwined it with his work.  His images have found their way into the pages of books by authors like Sylvia Earle and Richard Ellis, and magazines including Nature’s Best Photography and National Geographic Extreme Explorer.  He has taken still images for video productions for the BBC and NBC television.  In 2009, Matthew was honored with Grand prizes in both the Nature’s Best Photography’s “Ocean Views 2009” photo contest and SeaWeb/PADI Aware ‘s  “Marine Photobank -Ocean in Focus” conservation photography contest.  Matthew continues his efforts to use his images to express the beauty to be found in nature and highlight conservation issues.   More Information about Matthew and galleries of his images can be seen at the MDP Photography website:


Bryan B Harned - Web Designer / sports nut, gamer, dad, geek

Bryan is an accomplished web designer & marketing professional – Joining the VFI team in 2011 Bryan custom designs and management of websites with over seven years of graphic & web design experience. He has created many websites using HTML, CSS, Flash, JQuery, and has even developed a working knowledge of Java Script, asp, and php. recently Bryan has completed courses offered by New Horizons including all levels offered for HTML, CSS, and Adobe Creative Suite (Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, PhotoShop, InDesign)

After graduating from the University of Florida Bryan have spent many years working in the energy industry managing and executing marketing/advertising campaigns.  He has gathered extensive experience in the management and execution of ad campaigns, but also in project management and leadership. He especially enjoys the creative side of marketing and design and thrives from there; from the beginning of conceptual ideas, to the end with the look, feel, and data needed to successfully implement a proper campaign.

Writer, Producer,  Over the last 18 years he has become a very successful originator of television dramas, documentaries and docudramas, including the flagship History Channel docudrama Vulcan Bomber and an incredibly successful and emotive series about the world famous horse whisperer Monty Roberts (Monty’s Memories, H&CTV).

Austen's best selling books, The World in Our Hands, Impact Earth and Lost Civilizations, have been published in 18 languages, all over the world. His science fiction entry - Impact Earth - not only sold incredibly well worldwide but also helped change government policy in the UK on the subject of threats from near earth objects like asteroids, resulting in millions being poured into space search programs.Lost Civilizations was adapted as a highly successful high-end TV series (Lost Worlds) for Channel 4 (UK) and Discovery Channel (USA) and the book itself was hailed as ground breaking.  Full resume’ at


  Austen Atkenson  -  Executive Producer

From a very young age two things stuck with me that I held an unrelenting zeal for, creating art, and the underwater realm.  All it took was a glance at my mother’s own sketchbook, and seeing the great Dr. Eugenie Clark in action in the film National Geographic: The Sharks to get the hook deep into me (which stays still to this day, and only gets deeper with age). 

Pursuing art was easy, I took a class every year in school, doodled whenever, and wherever I could, and obtained a bachelors degree for graphic design. I learned to create in many fashions and spent my time drawing, painting, crafting, designing, and photographing as often as I could. It wasn’t until later in life however, that I was able to pursue SCUBA training. But when I did, I followed that with the same enthusiasm I had art. I’ve now reached heights in my training that few other divers would dream to pursue, and I have no intentions of stopping.

Combining the two, I now have a way to share the things I enjoy most with others through my photography and design work.  I hope to continue to share my adventures for years to come.  Visit her website at:


  Kristi Bernot   -  Graphic Artist  / Underwater Photographer

Will began working and diving with David in 2007 as an underwater photographer on an advertising campaign for Gates Housings.  He is now working with UEV to produce a television series, currently in development, about sharks.

Will is a Quebec native and born adventurer.  Although he is a master at fashion photography, it was his natural ability at technical diving and his gentle way with sharks that caught the attention of his peers and the scuba industry at large.   He has worked on two IMAX features to date, and his photography can be widely seen throughout the diving industry in print and on the web for companies such as Gates Housings, Dive Rite, Whites Manufacturing and Undersea Expeditionary Video Services. For more information on Will Allen or to contact him, go to his web site at:

David and Suzy met serendipitously in 2008 while attending the 2nd Annual Whale Shark Conference in Holbox Mexico.  Almost immediately Suzy began working with UEV as a Producer to develop a television series about shark behavior.

Former Director of SRI UK (until she relocated to South Africa), Suzy, a marine biologist, has worked with sharks in Australia, Djibouti, India, Honduras, South Africa and Tanzania. While working for SRI in Australia, she compiled a video catalogue of whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef spanning 5 years, led field expeditions onboard the Kairos to the northern Mozambique Channel, and contributed images of more than 150 whale sharks to the Ecocean catalogue. A world-class underwater filmmaker, Suzy is currently living and working in the UK.   Most recently she worked as an Associate-Producer and Underwater Videographer on “Sharkman,” a documentary which aired on the Animal Planet in the UK and in the US on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. 

Los Angeles based Cinematographer David Warshauer spent much of his 20's chasing the world's largest swells.  While swimming in the impact zone of some of the world's deadliest waves in order to capture imagery of surfing, David developed an appreciation for the ocean's awesome power.  Over time his interest shifted to the ocean's vulnerability and the current threats to its delicate ecosystem.  Merging his love of cinematography and the ocean, his passion evolved into documenting the beauty and wonder of life under the surface. 

"When people can identify with marine life and see the ocean in new and interesting ways, they are more inclined to do something in their own lives to help preserve it."

Billy Morgan is a NAUI trained Dive Master with a strong background in first aid, and is certified by the Red Cross.  Billy’s background includes working with SEARCH, Inc. where his specialty was visually surveying topographical sites in order to determine whether structures qualified as cultural archeological artifacts or naturally-occurring geological formations.  He is  the owner of Cross Creek Archeological Supply Company and is a Gainesville locksmith.