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David Ulloa is the president, CEO, and Founder of Valeo Films Inc. (VFI).  

As a technical diver and underwater expedition cameraman, David’s passion for his work and his continued outstanding performance as an Underwater Camera Operator, AD, UPM, Line Producer, Writer, Director and Producer have earned him the respect of his colleagues as well as the industry at large.   

In 2008 David was featured on “The Quest for Sunken Warships,” a special series for Discovery Networks’ Military Channel.  In 2009 his work was featured on two episodes of “Mystery Quest,” a series for History Channel.  His work can also be seen in print and video, as well as on the internet, throughout the commercial scuba industry.

In addition to the company’s professional activities, David maintains a national presence in the film industry through annual sponsorships and participation in numerous film and diving-related events.  David is also very enthusiastic about, and looks forward to, speaking at conventions, museums, schools, universities, group meetings and dive clubs.

David utilizes his speaking opportunities to enlighten and inform his audiences about our oceans, the creatures within them and the now widely-recognized realization that we must do everything within our power to safeguard them.  A fundamental mission of VFI is to highlight the plight of the most graceful and magnificent of all ocean creatures – the shark – and to propose solutions toward their protection and conservation.

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David Ulloa


Valeo Films Inc.

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David Ulloa

VP / Investor relations & New Business Development 
Dee McHenry

Film and video production services for internet presentations, network television broadcasts, and motion pictures.

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Dee McHenry

Dee McHenry joined VFI in 2008 as head of Investor Relations and New Business Development. In 2010, she was named Vice President of Valeo Films.  

An honors business school graduate from William & Mary, Dee’s work experience includes commercial real estate lending, computer programming, residential real estate sales, tax accounting services, editorial proofing, and personal business management.  In 2004, she established Estate Assistants, Inc., a consulting firm offering estate planning implementation and settlement services as well as individual discrete project management to private clients.  

Years of fishing the coastal and inland waters of Florida, fly fishing the American West and New Zealand, and sailing on the Chesapeake Bay left an indelible impression and fostered Dee’s appreciation of the natural environment, ultimately fueling her passion for oceanic conservation. Dee began diving in 1979 in the caves of the Yucatan when she worked for Club Med as a sailing and water ski instructor.   Having never lost her zeal for outdoor adventure, she began her technical dive training in 2007, and has assisted VFI in several advertising, documentary and television projects to date.

Dee’s business background combined with her attention to detail and ability to coordinate and oversee complex projects makes her a valuable asset to VFI.

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Just as every client is special and every production is unique, so must our crew and associates be.  Through our extensive database of hundreds of companies and individuals, we have an expert ability to attach the right people to the right job.